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Service Enablement for Vacation Rentals

While service enablement for vacation rentals may not be a direct function of digital marketing, we understand intimately how marketing, sales, and service go hand-in-hand to provide the best possible customer experience. 

We help set up customer service teams for success by pulling guest and owner data in one place—HubSpot CRM—so each team can support their piece of the guest or owner journey and provide a best-in-class customer experience. Further, by using a unified CRM to manage guest marketing, homeowner acquisition, owner retention, and customer service—including ticketing, analytics, and knowledge base development—key stakeholders have unparalleled visibility into the guest and owner journeys.

Help Desk and Ticketing

Owners and guests alike expect quick resolutions and personalized service 24/7 across an ever-growing variety of marketing and service channels—including website forms, Facebook chat, email, text, owner/guest apps, and more. When these service channels are layered on top of essential data stored across the company’s property management system, operations platform, and project management tools, the process of bringing simple inquiries or requests to completion can be inefficient and overwhelming.

We work with vacation rental property managers to bring their help desk, or ticketing process, into HubSpot Service Hub without losing a moment of productivity along the way. By eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, our service enablement team helps you prioritize critical issues, organize a unified inbox, create ticket assignation rules, and automate routine responses seamlessly, so you can focus on providing a best-in-class customer experience. 

Service Dashboards and Analytics

For growing vacation rental management portfolios, visibility is everything. Customized service dashboards and robust analytics allow key stakeholders to view the state of the business in real-time, and service managers to identify workflow gaps and implement process improvements quickly.

Knowledge Base Development 

Where can I find my owner statement?

What are the steps remaining to get this new property online?

Can you update this property listing to reflect this new amenity?

Common requests and routine processes can absorb countless hours in a day. By implementing a knowledge base that’s connected to your service ticketing system, routine responses are automated, and step-by-step processes are highly accessible. Whether developing a knowledge base tailored to guests, owners, or specific internal teams, our service enablement team will help set up your service team for success. 

Our experienced service enablement team understands the complexities of customer service for vacation rental property managers. Contact us today to learn more about how our full suite of service enablement, sales enablement, and digital marketing services can work for you.