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Sales Enablement for Vacation Rentals

Our team of vacation rental marketing experts is uniquely equipped to provide homeowner acquisition teams, or business development representatives, with essential sales enablement tools to close more deals.

While many digital marketing firms specialize in filling the top of the sales funnel with new homeowner leads for vacation rental property managers, we specialize in providing homeowner acquisition teams with a suite of tools to move qualified leads through the sales pipeline—from prospective owner, to closed-won, to commission-paid. 

Sales Pipelines and Deal Stage Development

As the business scales, tracking the sales process is time-consuming, and visualizing the homeowner acquisition team’s deal pipeline is difficult to do. Sales teams often use multiple tools to perform daily sales activities, chase deals, and track commissions, leaving little time to warm up leads and providing leadership with almost no visibility into the sales process.

As a HubSpot Partner, we help vacation rental property managers grow their inventory efficiently by organizing and tracking the entire sales cycle in one place. Sales teams can easily identify which deals are most likely to close, and leadership has real-time visibility into the business development sales process with custom dashboards. 

Sales Automation Tools

Business development reps have a lot on their plates. Homeowner acquisition for vacation rental management companies is a boots-on-the-ground kind of position, and wasting time on repetitive, manual tasks all too often leads to missed opportunities. 

Save time and close more deals in the process with customized sales automations. We’ll set your sales team up with email sequences, follow-up task triggers, and deal stage workflows to help ensure no lead slips between the cracks. Better yet, we’ll build a repository of easy-to-grab statements called snippets to cut down on email response time. No more typing out how your linen program works, who covers credit card fees on bookings, and where to access owner statements. Just drop in the snippet, and you’re onto the next email.

What’s more, these same sales automation tools can be leveraged to improve homeowner retention when applied to owner relations team processes. 

Competitor Playbooks and Marketing Assets

Supercharge your homeowner acquisition sales process with sales enablement tools that help them sell smarter. We’ll help create essential selling tools—like discovery call questions and competitor playbooks—and marketing assets—like social media templates, postcards, and flyers—to arm your sales team with the tools they need to close more deals. 

Plus, as your business development team grows, managers can use these custom assets to equip new team members with legacy knowledge—expediting ramp-up periods and enabling them to start earning commissions faster. 

Reporting and Commission Payout Tracking 

We’ll power up your HubSpot account with custom reports and dashboards to give you the visibility you need to make high-level decisions and dig into roadblocks in real-time. 

HubSpot CRM Migration, Implementation, and Management

Not on HubSpot today? No problem. Our team is well-equipped to migrate your owner data into HubSpot, organize your sales pipeline into visual dashboards, facilitate enhancement opportunities, train your sales team on best practices, and provide ongoing support.

If you’re filling the top of the sales funnel for your homeowner acquisition team and not equipping them with sales enablement tools, you’re missing out on the opportunity to help them close more deals, nurture relationships, and manage their pipeline effectively. 

Partner with B2 Collaborative for vacation rental marketing and sales enablement, and get growing.